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How We Work With Referring Attorneys

With Orlando, FL Personal Injury Attorney, Brian Wilson

Why Work with Our Florida Personal Injury Law Firm?

You do not have the resources or desire to try cases.

We have ample courtroom experience that we can leverage to help you get results for your clients.

You are not admitted to practice law in the appropriate Florida jurisdiction.

Our team handles Florida state, Federal, and appellate claims on behalf of clients throughout the state of Florida. We understand the local practices, jury pools, and courts.

Your case is too complex or large for your staff to handle.

We have the experience and resources to take on virtually any opponent or case file.

Attorney Referrals

An Experienced Florida Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help You Win Your Case

Whether your firm is dealing with a complex Florida case, and you lack the resources to move forward; or you simply want to consult with experienced attorneys about a potential matter, we at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP invite you to connect with us to discuss your needs.

For over 21 years, we have been a Florida personal injury law firm that has excelled at resolving complex cases and providing value to our clients. We have the investigatory resources, courtroom experience, and wherewithal to help you get results for your clients, improve your brand, and relieve you and your staff of pressing burdens.

The DWKMR&S team has good relationships with attorneys and firms throughout the United States. In fact, the majority of our cases are attorney referrals. We are often retained as co-counsel and trial counsel in cases concerning personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, and wrongful death claims.

Honoring Commitments, Ethical Service

The DWKMR&S team believes in service. Our partnerships are engineered to deliver “win-win” solutions for all involved. If you do not specialize in an area of personal injury law, our team can provide assistance. We can help you achieve timely solutions for mission critical clients. We can consult with you, work independently, or join up with a larger legal team to deal with complex litigation. We have an impressive track record, and we honor all of our commitments. Once you choose to work with our Florida personal injury law firm, our referral agreement will be provided to you in writing.

We are happy to discuss your needs and concerns at any time, and we would also be delighted to discuss creative solutions and strategies to help you develop your services and meet your clients needs better. We invite you to contact our Florida personal injury law firm to exchange views on how we can be of assistance. Please view our Practice Areas

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