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Insurance Bad Faith

Your insurance company is meant to be on your side and protect you from financial troubles when life throws it at you. When they fail to do this, it can be a shocking and stressful situation. Our team of experienced attorneys has been helping people get through these cases for decades and can help you get the recovery you deserve.

Understanding Insurance Bad Faith

Are you a frustrated policyholder who wants the services of a Florida bad faith insurance lawyer? Have you tried and failed to compel an insurance company to make good on a claim, play by the rules, and treat you fairly? If so, you are not alone. Insurance bad faith is a common tort claim. Depending on the conduct of the insurance carrier, it may be responsible to pay punitive or exemplary damages. Depending on the nature of the mistreatment, you may even be able to collect more from the insurance company than the face value of your policy.

All that said, insurance bad faith law is a vastly complicated and specialized field. If you choose an inexperienced attorney to represent you, you might severely hurt your chances of collecting critical compensation to pay for things like property damage, time off of work, or medical bills. The sophisticated Florida personal injury law firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP has exclusively served Florida injury victims for over two decades. Our firm has set itself apart from competitors by providing superb, customized service for clients. As sad as it is to admit, many Florida bad faith insurance lawyers churn through cases quickly to collect commissions, instead of devoting themselves to the true betterment of their clients. Whether you have been struggling to collect compensation from the insurance company of a driver who sideswiped you on I-95; or your health insurer has refused to pay a major medical bill for unfathomable reasons, the experienced team at DWKMR&S can help you obtain a recovery and hold the insurance company accountable. Your first consultation with our attorneys is free and no obligation. We represent injury clients on contingency, so you will only pay for the legal services when you obtain a recovery, such as a settlement or a verdict in your favor.

Insurance Bad Faith Legal Help

Insurance policies are purposefully and notoriously hard to understand. They contain confusing language; and lots of it. Moreover, the terms and conditions often change, and premiums often jag up for arbitrary reasons. On top of that, the big insurance companies boast tremendous financial and legal resources to protect themselves from complaints and intimidate victims who protest raw deals. Many insurance companies are often quick to collect a premium but unfortunately slow to pay claims. Designing and executing a compelling case to get victims compensated is no small challenge. But the resourceful, seasoned Florida bad faith insurance lawyers of DWKMR&S have a track record for getting results. Our approach is designed around our clients. We want them to feel comfortable, in control, and optimistic about their options. Our team has the agility and competence to deal with insurance law matters of any level of complexity, and we have amassed a reputation for conducting deep research and performing powerfully in the courtroom.


"Attorney King did a great job representing me for my motorcycle accident. He kept me well informed and negotiated a great settlement for me."



Start Building Your Case

Accident injury victims can inadvertently compound their struggles and stresses by signing seemingly innocuous documents or even talking to insurance company representatives over the phone. The sooner you retain an attorney to analyze your situation and think through the best next steps to take, the better your chances will be for obtaining a fair recovery and putting this crisis behind you. For a free consultation with the trusted DWKMR&S team, call 888-726-6735, or review our website for more useful free resources. Clients do not pay fees or costs unless and until we obtain a recovery.

Hurricane Property Damage

Hurricane season in Florida often brings large amounts of worry and stress. This is only increased by the issue of an insurance company acting in bad faith when it comes to damage to your home. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you get the rightful compensation that you deserve and get you back to living your normal life again.

Understanding Hurricane Damage

You never dreamed that you would ever have to secure the services of a Florida hurricane property damage lawyer. But an insurance company acting in bad faith — or perhaps a fire loss, loss of property or vandalism incident — has compelled you to search for experienced representation to help you recover damages caused by a storm, either directly or indirectly.

Florida hurricane season lasts from June 1st through November 30th. But major storms can and do hit the state with devastating frequency all year round. Hurricane Andrew, a storm that struck the state in 1992, alone caused over $26.5 billion in damage and led to more than three dozen fatalities. Andrew earned the dismal rank as the second-costliest cyclone in American history.

Other hurricanes, such as Hurricane Charlie and the infamous Hurricane Katrina, also caused massive damage, such as destruction of beachfront homes and boats, automobile damage, and enormous infrastructure catastrophes.

The Florida attorneys at the firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can help you proactively solve your hurricane property damage crisis. Our attorneys are proven in handling hurricane damage claims, and they are happy to speak with you for free and answer your pressing questions.

Hurricane Charley devastated a client’s roof and home, and the insurance company offered just $6,000. The hurricane property damage lawyers of DWKMR&S secured full damages in a lawsuit against the insurance company. Read more…

Hurricane Damage Legal Help

Under Florida law, insurance adjusters must abide by an Adjuster’s Code of Ethics; failure to do so might be actionable. Whether your insurance company tried to back out of paying a claim due to a technicality; or the storm caused so much damage that you feel overwhelmed and out of control, the team at DWKMR&S can help.

Our personal injury law firm has been serving the Florida community since 1989. Our firm prides itself on true customer service. Whereas many other injury firms strive to maximize the number of clients that funnel through to optimize revenue, we seek to deliver customized and careful solutions. To do this, we leverage significant in-firm resources, strong research skills and pretrial preparation processes, and astute courtroom performances. DWKMR&S takes cases on contingency. Thus, you only pay fees or costs if we manage to win a settlement or win a verdict for you at trial.

Your Next Steps

The longer you wait to retain an aggressive, strategically-focused attorney to represent you and fight for your interests, the more difficult it may be to generate the results you want within the timeframe you and your family need.

Call a hurricane property damage lawyer at DWKMR&S toll-free hotline now to learn more about the actions you should and should not take to improve your chances of recovering quickly: 888-726-6735. [Links to Free Consultation]We also invite you to explore our many free online resources.

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