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Motorcycle Accidents

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident is absolutely devastating. The risk of injury or death is amplified, meaning that extra caution must be shown on the road for all people near a motorcyclist. Contact our team of experienced attorneys so that we can help determine who was at fault and how we can lead you and your family into recovery.

Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been searching Orlando for a law firm experienced in representing motorcycle accidents, chances are you have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of seemingly qualified attorneys vying to take your case. Whether you got sideswiped in Orange County by a careless driver on a cell phone or “doored” by a negligent driver in Miami Beach, you need strategic guidance. Not only would you like to know how to deal with insurance companies and get compensated for medical bills and missed work, but you also need guidance managing the ongoing stresses of rebuilding your life, post-crash. Our experienced attorneys understand the many battles victims of motorcycle crashes often find themselves fighting. Since 1989, we have worked with clients throughout the state of Florida to help them get fairly compensated and to see that justice is done in their cases.

Motorcycle Accident Legal help

We realize an accident can change your life. Our goal is to protect your rights by helping you take decisive legal steps so you can regain control. Throughout the process, we provide personalized attention, excellent investigative services, and meticulous pretrial discovery, research, and courtroom performance. At DWKMR&S, we focus on delivering high value services as opposed to high volume services. Believe it or not, many firms conduct operations that are tantamount to assembly lines. They churn through case after case without providing clients the necessary compassion, attention to detail, and long-term legal help they need. Our approach is different. It is borne out of compassion. We are highly selective in whom we represent, working only with people who have been seriously wronged. This selective approach gives us the motivation to leverage all of our resources on behalf of our clients. After all, in your search for an Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer, you are not simply looking for someone to collect money for you and then leave you to fend for yourself. You would like a team to guide you, systematically, through the legal maze, to minimize your sense of anxiety and maximize your sense that true justice has been done for you and your family.


"Attorney King did a great job representing me for my motorcycle accident. He kept me well informed and negotiated a great settlement for me."



Start Building Your Case

The Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier and Sos, LLP serve clients throughout the state. We pride ourselves on ethical service and skills in and out of the courtroom. We have been selected by Martindale-Hubbell to be on their Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. This register is the definitive guide to the most distinguished law firms in America. We understand how vital it is to probe the details of every case. For instance, say a family visiting Disney World rear-ended your motorcycle on the freeway, damaging your bike and causing multiple injuries, including broken bones, lacerations, and a concussion. Your initial instinct might be to seek compensation from the driver who hit you. But a deeper probe of the facts might reveal that the driver’s brakes failed. In this case, not only might the driver be liable, but the company that manufactured his brakes might also be held to account for your medical bills, lost wages, and other costs and fees. Get the attention you need and deserve. Contact an Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer for a free consultation and case evaluation, or call us toll free at 888-726-6735.

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