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Slip/Trip and Fall

Premises Slip/Trip and Fall

The owner of premises is often responsible for the well-being of the guests and visitors there, but many concerns can often go overlooked. These oversights can create dangers for unsuspecting people and may cause injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to the oversight or negligence of a premises owner, contact our team of expert attorneys today.

Understanding Premises Slip/Trip and Fall

Looking for a premises slip/trip and fall lawyer to explain your rights and potential opportunities to obtain a recovery for your medical bills and other expenses can be a frustrating experience. Many Florida attorneys, for instance, strive to represent as many new clients as possible to generate revenue. These firms settle numerous claims rapidly, without regard to their clients’ real needs, goals and well being.

Whether you slipped on a restaurant’s rickety steps and broke your hip; or your young son was attacked by an unleashed doberman pinscher while strolling in the park, the aggressive, experienced attorneys at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can provide the expert counsel and personalized, compassionate assistance you need.

For over two decades, DWKMR&S has been putting clients first. Our mission is to empower victims and to give them the support and long-term structures they need to return their lives to normal. To that end, we invest diligently in each client by leveraging investigative resources, research, and deep courtroom preparation. Our tenacity, skill, and ethical service have earned us respect from our legal peers and judges.

Premises Slip/Trip and Fall Protections

Different guests and visitors are entitled to different protections under the law:

1. Invitee. If you were invited onto a property and then suffered an injury, such as a slip and fall, you will be classified as an invitee.

2. Licensee. If you were a licensed individual, such as a mailman or delivery person, and you got hurt on someone’s property, you will be classified as a licensee.

3. Trespasser. If you were not allowed on the property, you will be classified as a trespasser.

Different visitor classes have different rights under the law. But even trespassers can collect damages for certain illnesses or injuries they acquire, depending on the circumstances.

Common causes of premise slip/trip and fall cases include: swimming pool drownings, accidents at construction sites, trip and falls, animal attacks, and injuries from open pits, rusty nails, or other nuisances or on-property hazards.

Preparation is key when it comes to getting results. The defendant and/or the defendant’s insurance company may put up stiff resistance, even if you have a legitimate claim and a compelling argument linking negligence, carelessness, or failure to respond to your injury.


"Attorney King did a great job representing me for my motorcycle accident. He kept me well informed and negotiated a great settlement for me."



Start Building Your Case

Retaining legal h2 rapidly after an accident can make a tremendous difference to your ability to obtain a recovery. Evidence from a slip and fall, for instance, loses its value over time. An eyewitness account recorded on the day of an accident will be more highly valued than an eyewitness account recollected weeks or months later. Likewise, a picture of the conditions of the slip and fall (taken, for instance, with a cell phone camera) can be a devastating piece of evidence – but only if you snap the photo shortly after an injury.

To preserve your rights to take maximum action, connect with a premises slip/trip and fall lawyer at DWKMR&S at 888-726-6735. We have numerous free resources on site that can explain your rights as a personal injury victim further, and we provide contingency representation. This means that you pay fees or costs only if and when our team obtains a settlement award or trial verdict on your behalf.

DWKMR&S premises slip/trip and fall lawyers prevail in a lawsuit where a child was severely injured in a public swimming pool when lifeguard abandoned his post. Read more…

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    DWKMR&S slip/trip and fall premises liability lawyers prevail in a lawsuit where a child was severely injured in a public swimming pool when lifeguard abandoned his post.