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Theme Park Injuries

Going on vacation with your loved ones is fun and exciting, but injuries can still happen. When you or a loved one is injured while vacationing in another state, it’s a very confusing and stressful experience. Not only are you in pain and your vacation cut short, but you also have to figure out the differences in the law. Our expert attorneys have been helping Floridians and tourists in Florida for over 20 years.

Understanding Theme Park Injuries

When you took your family to Walt Disney World, Universal, or another Central Florida theme park, an Orlando theme park accident was the last thing you expected. Whether your father tripped and fell on a grossly uneven and unmaintained crack on a walkway, your aunt sprained her neck badly on a poorly secured roller coaster; or your child suffered food poisoning after eating at a concession stand, the compassionate and experienced personal injury firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can help you seek and obtain compensation for costs like your medical and rehabilitation bills, time off of work, pain and suffering, and more.

Since 1989, our Orlando based firm has fought hard for people injured in Disney accidents and other disasters, like slip and falls, motor vehicle crashes, and botched medical procedures. Talk to lawyers who are proven in handling Orlando theme park accidents. Your first consultation is totally free, and we can answer any and all of your questions.

Amusement Park Accident Statistics

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) routinely conducts surveys of mobile and fixed site amusement park injuries and fatalities. CPSC data collected from 1987 through 2002 suggest that nearly 5 people a year die on amusement rides. Unfortunately, beyond the information in these CPSC reports and a few other surveys conducted (for instance, by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism), surprisingly little is known about the frequency of serious accidents, injuries, and risks at parks like Disney World, Universal, and other Orlando and Central Florida parks. Moreover, building a case is an advanced legal project that often requires tremendous diligence, deep investigation, and a facility and familiarity with applicable Florida law. Companies like Disney, for instance, have the resources to muster powerful defenses to personal injury claims.


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Theme Park Legal Help

The DWKMR&S professionals have built a reputation for ongoing customer care, meticulous research and preparation, and bold and compelling courtroom performances. Throughout your case, we will keep you informed, relaxed, and clearheaded about your next steps and expectations. Whereas other Florida injury firms build their businesses by helping clients rapidly, without deep consideration for their specific needs and wants; we are a client-centered organization. We carefully screen and select clients and devote massive amounts of resources to help them achieve their goals with a minimum amount of time and effort.

Start Building Your Case

As the time after your accident passes, more and more information from the scene of the injury will be lost or will decay. Retaining an attorney quickly can help you protect and nourish your potential legal remedies. To schedule a free consultation, talk to our team by calling 888-726-6735. You may also explore our free online resources. Our clients take advantage of a special payment process known as contingency representation. This allows you to use our services and only pay fees or costs if and when DWKMR&S wins a verdict or collects a settlement on your behalf.

Understand the case value of your Orlando theme park accident case.

Tourists from Europe brutally and savagely attacked in hotel while on theme park vacation. Read more…

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    Tourists from Europe brutally and savagely attacked in their hotel while on theme park vacation.