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Verdicts and Settlements

DWKMR&S Verdicts and Settlements Page: When Will We Add Your Story to Our List?

The following catalogue of DWKMR&S verdicts and settlements is by no means comprehensive. This is just a sampling of cases that we have fought and won. Note that every case is different. Just because someone in a similar situation to you won a large verdict does not guarantee that you will see the same recovery.

To get a more strategic and focused evaluation of your case (and to see whether we might one day add your case to our list of DWKMRS verdicts and settlements), contact us here for a free, zero obligation consultation, or call 1-888-726-6735.

We provide contingency representation for personal injury victims, which means that unless we obtain a victory for you (at trial or settlement), you pay no costs or fees.

Catalogue of DWKMRS Verdicts and Settlements

Significant Settlement for Surgical Negligence
Our client was a 47-year old central Florida man who suffered a stroke after surgery, due to the error of two radiologists. The physicians failed to notice an area of concern on a medical scan and continued to operate on him, while he was going through an evolving stroke. Our team helped him and his wife obtain compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and future medical bills.

$1.4 Million Settlement in Insurance Bad Faith Case
This case involved a 25-year-old man, who nearly died after another driver blew through a red light and crashed into him. He suffered catastrophic injuries, including brain damage, a shattered pelvis, and erectile dysfunction. While the other driver’s insurer paid up to the limits of the policy, his own insurer sought to avoid paying benefits. Attorney Brian Wilson represented the man and fought for his rights. Instead of paying out the $10,000 policy limit (which the company would have done), the insurer was ultimately forced to settle for $1.4 million.

Nearly $1 Million Settlement for Radiologist Negligence
A man who came to DWKMR&S to manage an auto accident claim discovered bad news during an investigation: A radiologist twice overlooked a large pituitary adenoma. This was extraordinary, since the radiologist knew that the man had a previous pituitary adenoma and thus should have easily diagnosed the new growth. Due to complications from surgery, the client died in 2005. An expert neuroradiologist called this one of the most egregious cases of malpractice he had ever seen. Our team settled just under the insurance limits of $1 million in this wrongful death case.

Insurance Company Settles for $300,000… After Making an Original Offer of $6,000
In this case, our client was involved in a serious head-on collision when another driver drifted across the center line. The impact destroyed his vehicle and caused numerous health problems, including major posttraumatic depression. During our investigation, we found that an insurance company acted in bad faith, and we leveraged this revelation to obtain a recovery of over $300,000 for our client. The insurer originally offered to settle for less than $6,000.

Large Settlement (Confidential Amount) in Surgical Negligence Case
In this case, a sixty-year-old attorney had a surgery to remove benign polyps – a medical event that should have been relatively routine. But this case proved to be life changingly catastrophic. Instead of a short recuperation, the man was treated to indescribable pain, total blindness, amputation, vocal cord damage, neuropathy in both feet, and more. The surgeon who removed his healthy colon (failing to take out all of the benign polyps) left town after the surgery… after telling the man’s family that surgery went well. Had the man’s family not intervened to save him, he surely would have died. The DWKMR&S team won a confidential settlement before the case went to trial.

$1,250,000 in Motorcycle Accident Case
Our client was a motorcycle rider injured by an inexperienced biker driving a high performance motorcycle. Our client had to undergo 71 procedures over four years for facial reconstruction and dental implants. He lives to this day with constant and severe pain in his back and chest from the trauma. Our team settled with the manufacturer of the motorcycle for $1,250,000.

Substantial Compensation for Failed Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Michelle was a bright, vibrant 16-year-old who suffered a sudden brain lesion and had to have deep brain surgery. Her doctors and nurses failed to follow the basic standards for medical diagnosis and treatment, however; as a result, Michelle suffered profound and permanent brain damage. Bob Dellecker and Ken McKenna represented her and settled for a substantial sum, which is being used to provide the young woman with advanced rehabilitation therapy to cope with the severe limitations that she will face for the rest of her life.

Elderly Abuse and Sexual Assault Case
A 68-year-old woman died six months after an employer at a nursing home sexually assaulted her. Because the nursing home failed to tell the authorities or take the woman to the hospital, no forensic evidence was preserved. But neglect at the nursing home continued. The woman fractured her hip, suffered dehydration and aspiration and died from the neglect. Attorneys Ken McKenna, Anthony Sos are handling this case on behalf of the woman’s son.

Insurer Forced to Pay in Horrific Car Crash
In this case, our client nearly died when his vehicle struck head-on by another driver. The driver who caused the accident was killed. Our client suffered myriad medical problems, including a ruptured bladder, multiple pelvis fractures, scalp lacerations, and a closed head injury. He used to be a successful small business owner; today, he is in constant pain and can only travel short distances. Our team successfully raised the limits of his insurance coverage, compelling his carrier to pay far more than the company claimed was available.

Victory in Hurricane Damage Case
Hurricane Charley tore through Central Florida on August 13, 2004, leveling our client’s home with wind damage. Initially, the insurance adjuster offered less than $6,000 to pay for substantial damages. But our client, represented by attorney Tony Sos, sued the company and managed to secure full costs to replace the roof, fix the pool screen, and pay attorneys fees and costs.

Substantial Recovery in Defective Fungicide Case
In this case, our client had initially gone to a Miami law firm – along with 20 other clients – to sue a manufacturer over a defective fungicide. The law firm settled for $6.4 million with the manufacturer but abandoned our client and never told the client about the settlement. Bill Ruffier and Bob Dellecker took the case to trial against the manufacturer and law firm and secured a favorable verdict for the client.

“I was injured after being hit by a car while riding my bike and a good friend referred me to Tony Sos. I did not know where to begin the legal process, but Tony and his staff helped me navigate the road to recovery and settlement with honesty and integrity. Tony and his Paralegal, Joy, were always there when I had questions and kept me informed every step of the way. They helped me focus on my healing and recovery while they handled the legal issues of my case. I highly recommend Tony Sos and his staff!”

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Horrific Bus Accident – Recovery For a Lifetime of Medical Care and Rehabilitation
In this extremely disturbing case, a wife and mother of two small children was struck on the back of the head by the extended side view mirror of a bus and slammed down into the pavement. After two emergency surgeries to alleviate bleeding and swelling in her brain – along with two more surgeries to replace and fasten her skull cap with a network of screws – she managed to survive. Brian Wilson secured a substantial financial result to provide this wife and mother with compensation for a lifetime of medical care and rehab.

Hospital Liability Case Settles for $450,000… instead of $125,000 (First Offer)
A 70-year-old retiree went to the hospital for bowel resection surgery. The surgery was not successful. He had severe abdominal pain, which triggered a seizure…all thanks to a laparotomy pad that was left in the man’s abdomen after surgery. The hospital admitted liability but initially downplayed the man’s pain and offered only $125,000. Ken McKenna and referring counsel went to trial and ultimately compelled the hospital to pay $450,000 to resolve the case.

Compensatory and Punitive Damages in Head-On Drunk Driving Crash
Our client was struck by a holiday drunk driver who had been driving the wrong way on I-4. The head-on collision crushed his ankle and foot but could have been much worse. Bill Ruffier represented this client and sought to recover compensatory and punitive damages for his loss that has limited his job functions and forever damaged his mobility.

Injured Motorcycle Accident Victims Struggle with Lack of Insurance
A business executive and his wife got hit by an uninsured motorist who ran a red light. They suffered terrible injuries. But since they rejected stacking of their uninsured motorist coverage, they lacked sufficient insurance to cover their losses. Unfortunately, the firm cannot do much for victims hurt by uninsured drivers when no uninsured motorist coverage exists. The couple wants others to learn from their accident, take safety precautions, and insist that your insurance agent provide you with stacked uninsured motorist coverage.

Confidential Settlement in Sad Nursing Home Case
A 97-year-old mother of seven died from nursing home negligence – bed sores, malnutrition, dehydration, and multiple bruising – on Mother’s Day with her family by her side. Brian Wilson and Anthony Sos represented the family and successfully negotiated a confidential settlement just before trial.

Significant Settlement in Construction Accident
A falling 480-foot communication tower hit our client. After a life flight to a hospital, where doctors feared he might not survive the night, he fought through massive injuries – including a fracture to his skull, face, ribs and leg; a large scalp laceration, spinal fractures, and loss of vision – to survive. But he was declared permanently and totally disabled. Sam King represented the hurt worker and reached a significant settlement with the company that owned the tower.

Bad Faith Insurer in Car Accident Case
A woman suffered terrible neck and shoulder injuries, after an uninsured motorist failed to yield the right of way and crashed into her car. She initially offered to settle the claim with her $500,000 policy limit for underinsured motorist coverage. But her insurance company refused. So we took the case to trial. The Osceola County jury listened, awarding our client nearly $2 million, which was reduced to a $500,000 policy limit under Florida’s uninsured motorist statutes. We then proceeded to file a bad faith action against the insurer to recover the excess verdict, attorney’s fees and costs and settled on confidential terms.

Life Insurance Heartache… and a Small Redemption
In this case of heartache begetting heartache, our client recently lost her husband; but her insurance company refused to pay life insurance benefits. The man’s death certificate listed the cause of death as “undetermined,” so the company opted to conduct its own investigation… but waited months to even begin. Without the proof of the cause of death, the company had the audacity to suggest that it wouldn’t pay benefits. Bob Dellecker and Sam King represented the family and negotiated a settlement that vastly exceeded the face value of the life insurance policy.

Success in a Tragic Negligent Death Case
A husband and a father of children was killed instantly after being run over and dragged by a dump truck. Who was responsible for this terrible negligence? The dump truck contractor insisted he was not responsible for the driver’s actions, since the driver had been an independent contractor. We disagreed, and the contractor’s arguments failed at trial. The victim’s widow thus was able to collect substantial damages from the contractor.

A Confidential Settlement in Nursing Home Negligence Case
A Seminole County woman in an assisted-living facility suffered severe injuries, after she fell out of bed. The staff negligently had removed her bed rails days earlier. The woman suffered significant blood loss, serious leg lacerations, and numerous cuts and bruises. She remains in constant pain and suffers swelling and discomfort in her leg. Sam King represented the woman and her family and successfully negotiated a confidential settlement with the facility.

$2.7 Million in Compensation for Medical Injuries and Lost Earnings in a Car Accident
A Central Florida woman – only 45-years-old – now has to walk with a cane for rest of her life. Another driver ran a stop sign, hitting her and leaving her with permanent injuries to her neck, back, shoulders, knees, legs, and ankle, along with persistent pain. Attorneys Brian Wilson and Tony Sos took the case to trial and convinced the jury to award our client $2.7 million in compensation for loss of earning capacity and medical injuries.

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$700,000 in Damages for Complications from Podiatry Surgery
A 27-year-old woman sought treatment for painful bunions. On her very first visit, the podiatrist recommended surgery, even though most bunions can be treated non-surgically through change in footwear, for instance. After six surgeries, the woman had a partially amputated left big toe and permanent pain and scarring. Kim McKenna and Bob Dellecker went to trial on behalf of the woman, and the jury held the podiatrist responsible and awarded the woman $700,000.

A Confidential Settlement for Oncologist Negligence
A wife and a school teacher was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Her oncologist did not prescribe radiation therapy — the standard route of care. Her cancer returned, and her oncologist then failed to diagnose it and treat it in a timely manner, significantly reducing her chances of surviving the cancer. She now lives in constant pain and lacks the strength, personality and intellect she once had. Bill Ruffier and Brian Wilson represented her and negotiated a confidential settlement that provided compensation but little comfort for the negligence.

$210,000 for Injury Stemming from a Bouncer Choking a Concert Goer
Our client, a 25-year-old concert goer, was dragged out of a bar by a bouncer, choked, and repeatedly kicked in the face. The man suffered a fractured eye orbit that resulted in a permanent partial loss of vision. Bill Ruffier represented him and filed a claim against the bar, because the owners should have been responsible for the acts of their employees. A jury in Orange County agreed and awarded the man nearly $210,000 for his injuries.

Confidential Settlement in a Child Car Seat Accident
In this tragic case, a baby – less than one-year-old at the time of the accident – suffered catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injury and permanent quadriplegia – due to his sitting in the wrong type of car seat. For a decade, our client’s mother stood by her son, managing his day to day care with very limited resources. Our team vigorously litigated the case and negotiated a confidential settlement to improve the care and quality of life for the child.

A Child Suffered Traumatic Injury After Lifeguard Abandoned His Post
A single working mother took her son to a City of Orlando pool at a local community center. The lifeguard at the pool abandoned his post; during that time, another child jumped on top of boy’s head and severely fractured his skull. Lack of child supervision led directly to our client’s permanent, traumatic and scary injury.

$1.6 million Settlement in Motorcycle Accident Case
In a highly publicized case, an elderly woman was hit and killed by a motorcyclist as she attempted to cross a two-lane roadway. Our team represented the motorcyclist, who suffered severe head injuries. Ordinarily, pedestrians have the right of way. But Florida law prohibits pedestrians from suddenly leaving the side of a roadway and darting into traffic. Our investigation showed that this happened in the crash. Thus the pedestrian was at fault, and we secured a $1.6 million settlement from her estate to pay for our client’s severe head injuries.

Couple Brutalized and Sexually Assaulted – Hotel Owner Sued for Negligent Security
A European couple visiting Orlando for a vacation of a lifetime experienced a brutal robbery inside their hotel room. Held at gunpoint, they were violently attacked and savagely injured. The female victim also endured a horrifying sexual assault. Sam King and Tony Sos represented the couple and held the hotel owner responsible for his negligent security practices, which exposed our clients to high level of crime.

Confidential Settlement in Unnecessary Hysterectomy Case
Patients trust their doctors to give sound medical advice. But for one of our clients, this was a significant mistake. Her doctor saw an abnormal pap smear and suggested that she get a hysterectomy – or risk developing cervical cancer. During the hysterectomy, the doctor perforated our client’s rectum, causing terrible pain and leaving her with permanent colostomy as well as debilitating abdominal pain and dysfunction. And after two years of litigation, the clinic and its doctors settled with our client on the eve of trial for a confidential amount.

Construction Negligence Case
In this case, our client endured a terrible fall as a result of shoddy supplier construction materials. His supplier consciously sold sub-standard and dangerous products from South America, and these 3rd tier quality parts created the conditions for his catastrophic injuries. Sam King and Bob Dellecker are pursuing this claim against the supplier for compensatory and punitive damages.

$300,000 Settlement in an Exploding Boat Battery Case
Our client suffered severe head and neck injuries after a battery exploded on a boat, while he had been attempting to repair a problem with its connections. As a result, he had to endure an anterior cervical discectomy on his upper spine to relieve pressure on his nerve roots and spinal cord. This liability case was highly contested, but Bill Ruffier successfully litigated the case and helped our client receive the maximum possible limit of $300,000.

$870,000 Verdict in a Car Rollover Accident
In May 2005, our client was struck by a vehicle weaving through traffic at a high rate of speed. Her Ford Expedition flipped and rolled and landed on its roof. The client suffered massive injuries, including rib fractures, and mid thoracic vertebral body compression fractures. She was also showered with glass, which embedded in her chest. Brian Wilson and Tony Sos battled for 4 years to bring her case to trial and, after a intense court battle, the jury held Illinois National Insurance Company accountable for the claim and rendered a verdict of $870,000.

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