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How Your Orlando Injury Attorney Can Determine Your Case’s Value

Even the most experienced Orlando injury attorney cannot predict in advance how much compensation you may be able to obtain for your medical costs, lost work wages, therapy, and punitive damages. In Florida injury law, the details matter. That being said, before you initiate legal action, you would like to get a ballpark estimate for what you could collect in a best case scenario. You would also like some assessment of the expected timeframe to resolve the matter. When you speak with an Orlando injury attorney at DWKMR&S, they may be able to give you a value consistent with cases like yours dependant upon the information at that point in time.

Factors That Influence Case Value


Did another person or organization, through negligence, carelessness, or some other fault, cause or contribute to your injury? If so, were they solely liable, or partially liable? Did the wrongdoer intend to harm you, or was it an accident? Were you in some way responsible for the injury or accident?


he quality and quantity of the evidence linking the wrongdoer’s action (or failure to act) to your harm is also a key factor. Your Orlando injury attorney will ask if you can produce eyewitness testimony, real or circumstantial evidence, doctor’s reports, police reports, and other evidence to back up your claims and arguments. Can the defense produce counter evidence to etch away at the strength of your arguments or suggest that another person or party should be liable?

Severity of Harm Done

Did you or a family member suffer acute or chronic injuries? Have reliable medical authorities diagnosed you and put you on a course of rehabilitation? Will there be long-term damage; if so, what is the nature of that damage, and how will it impact your life and livelihood? How often will you need to receive treatment or rehabilitation before you improve or heal entirely?

Financial Costs

What is the total cost of your current and future medical, surgical, rehab, and therapy bills? Have you lost time at work due to the accident and treatment? Will you be able to go back to your career in the exact capacity; if not, what is the nature and pay scale for your new role? Did a spouse or someone else in your household have to earn more money to make up for the wages you lost?


Do you and/or the liable parties involved have insurance that can cover or partially cover the damages? What is the nature of that insurance coverage? Are all potentially liable insurance companies playing fair, or are some insurers acting in bad faith and trying to squelch legitimate claims or discredit your injuries or damages?


What are your goals going forward? Do you want to extract the maximum amount of money possible? Or do you simply want to settle quickly and put the matter behind you? Are you interested in pursuing justice against perceived wrongdoers, or are you simply looking to obtain a recovery and restore order in your own life? The way you and the defendant comport yourselves in the courtroom; your choice of Orlando injury attorney; and literally dozens of other factors, both in your control and beyond it, can influence your ultimate settlement and verdict.

Identifying Best Paths Forward with Your Orlando Injury Attorney

Given the myriad variables at play that have the potential to influence the value of your settlement or trial verdict, your best bet to maximize your results is to work together with an experienced Florida injury law firm. At Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, we specialize exclusively in Florida injury law. We have helped injury victims throughout the state for over two decades obtain excellent results, feel satisfied about their outcomes, and restore their lives. We can do the same for you. Connect with a DWKMR&S Orlando injury attorney today to learn about your case. We provide contingency representation, so you pay no fees or costs unless we win your case. Explore our additional free resources offered on our website.

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