The SunRail commuter train line is still relatively new to the area having opened in spring of 2014, and it seems the line is taking a bit of getting used to. Orlando SunRail accident numbers are up to 15 since the line opened. Many of these accidents have to do with cars being on the tracks at the wrong time.

In train-automobile accidents, the automobile always loses. Even though there are warning lights, sounds, and crossing arms that block access to the tracks, accidents still happen. Drivers need to take extra precautions when crossing SunRail tracks to protect themselves from deadly accidents.

Avoid An Orlando SunRail Accident

Common sense and basic safety tips can help keep drivers safe near SunRail lines. Follow these basic safety tips to avoid an Orlando SunRail accident:

  • Obey railroad crossing signs. Stop when the lights are flashing and crossing arms are down. Don’t try to beat the train or drive around the crossing arms. Trains cannot stop in time to avoid hitting something on the tracks. They are simply too big, too fast, and too heavy. There’s also nowhere for them to go, they can’t swerve to avoid an accident. If something is in front of them, they’re going to hit it.
  • Don’t sit on the tracks. It’s not unusual to see cars stop on the tracks as they wait for traffic to move forward. This is not safe under any circumstances. Even if the crossing arms have gone up and the lights have turned off, it does not mean the tracks will remain clear long enough for you to move forward. Don’t chance it. Wait until you can safely cross and completely clear the tracks before advancing. If you do get stuck on the tracks with a train coming at you, get out of the car and off the tracks.
  • Look before you cross. There have been reports of crossing arms and lights working improperly. Don’t leave anything to chance. Slow down before reaching the tracks and look both ways before advancing. Technology can fail, setting you up for a devastating accident. It’s safest to assume that a train is always coming.

These tips go for drivers and pedestrians. It’s very easy for walkers who are wearing earbuds or headphones or who are talking on the phone to miss the signals and train horns. Pay attention when walking near train tracks and crossings to stay safe.

Injured In A Train Accident? Meet With A SunRail Attorney

Even with common sense safety measures, accidents can still happen. If you have been injured in a SunRail train accident, contact a SunRail attorney at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP to find out if you have grounds for an Orlando train injury lawsuit.

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