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5 Stars

“I really appreciate Mr. Ryan Young and his outstanding performance and knowledge … Ryan at all times was fully aware of all details whether small or big. Ryan was great at keeping me up to date with all the necessary information to make my case a success. I will definitely recommend his great help and service to anyone that needs an attorney. Thank you for the professional experience that was shown throughout the case.”

– Gustavo, Avvo.com

Ryan Young hails from Marietta, Georgia, in the suburbs of Atlanta, and he and his wife relocated to Windermere in 2017. He attended the University of Mississippi for both undergraduate studies and law school.

Law Runs in the Family

After finishing law school and being admitted to the State Bar of Georgia, Ryan returned to Marietta to practice. His mother is also a practicing attorney there, so it was a natural choice for Ryan and his wife (also an attorney). He started out as an Assistant Solicitor-General with the Cobb County Solicitor General’s Office, where he primarily prosecuted DUI’s. He then moved to Busch Reed Jones & Leeper (also in Marietta) where he worked as a criminal defense and civil litigation attorney. During that time and knowing Florida was a future possibility, Ryan took and passed the Florida Bar Exam.

His previous trial experience and passion for justice makes Ryan an ideal addition to Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier and Sos, and we’re excited to be part of his journey into personal injury law and to witness his future contributions to our community.

Not all personal injury lawyers are the same.

What makes us different at Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos? Your case is our focus, not flashy billboards. Because an attorney guides your case from start to finish, we become a true team that’s invested in your well-being.

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