A child’s eyes are his or her window to the world. They are worth protecting. That’s why we are proud advocates of Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Every August, eye health professionals and caregivers from around the country take time to raise awareness of the importance of eye exams for children.

Make Time For A Pediatric Eye Exam This Month

During the month of August, eye care professionals are reminding parents that early detection is the key to lifelong eye health. The time for an exam isn’t when a problem has been noticed; it’s before the problem is apparent.

Your child’s pediatrician should be conducting a basic eye exam at every appointment. This is a chance to look for changes in the eyes that could indicate a problem. Unfortunately, eye exams during a pediatric check-up may not catch everything. Parents need to be their kids’ best advocates by paying attention to how the child looks at the world. Parents can, and should, arrange eye exams with an ophthalmologist if they have any cause for concern.

Regular Exams Are Important In Diagnosing Pediatric Retinoblastoma

Routine exams by an ophthalmologist can unveil many benign and easily treated conditions but one disease that can be devastating for children and their families is pediatric retinoblastoma. This fast-growing eye cancer can cause blindness and in severe cases, even death. As we’ve reported before, you can look for signs of pediatric retinoblastoma through various means, which is one reason why Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month is so important. It’s a chance to get the word out that there are eye diseases out there that can and do affect children.

Our children’s eye health attorney, William Ruffier, is using the month of August to raise awareness of this condition. Ruffier specializes in cases involving pediatric retinoblastoma and, as an attorney, and has helped parents better understand the condition and the circumstances that may have led up to it. His best advice is for parents to trust their gut and get their child in for an eye exam if they notice anything unusual about their child’s eyes.

If your child has developed pediatric retinoblastoma, you may have a medical malpractice case. To discuss your options, schedule a free consultation with Attorney William Ruffier by calling 888-726-6735 or 407-244-3000.