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Community Engagement

Personal injury law allows us to help individuals in our community who are hurt. As best stated by Bill Tonelli, DWKMRS attorney, “We literally have the ability to help families during their darkest hour”. Our community centered approach also allows us to be very...

EMR Systems and Medical Malpractice

By Federal Law, every hospital in the U.S.A has converted their medical record keeping system to a digital system. These systems are commonly known as “Electronic Medical Records” (EMR systems). Though this transition is mandatory, some specialties and facilities are...

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - Pediatric Retinoblastoma September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The reality of parenthood is that advocacy for your child begins before a diagnosis. This month is important because awareness equals knowledge and knowledge is...

Holiday Safety

Emergency rooms see a spike in visits every December, with some doctors estimating an increase of 10–15%. Some of these visits are not preventable. However, many of them are preventable and are the result of negligence on the part of businesses. To encourage holiday...

Potential Risks of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgical systems are often described as a breakthrough in medical technology. Yet some doctors only get a week of training before they utilize the robots in surgery. Is that enough training? Da Vinci Robotic surgery hysterectomy lawsuits have been filed by...

Q&A with Dan’s Donuts with Dad

1. Dan’s Donuts with Dad: What is it all about and why should CP neighbors get involved?

DDWD is all about celebrating the joy of fatherhood. The concept started with several friends getting together with their kids and allowing the mothers to enjoy some time alone. It has evolved into an organization that promotes fatherhood in Central Florida, organizes free events for the community, and supports other organizations in the area. CP neighbors should want to get involved because DDWD is a representation of what makes CP so great. People come to CP because it is a tight community. How great is it to walk outside and see kids playing on the streets, families walking to local restaurants, and houses participating in holiday events? They say it takes a village to raise a kid. Well CP is an amazing village that should want to see the children of Central Florida thrive.

2. What made you decide on Trunk or Treat for your first annual Halloween event?

We decided to do trunk or treat because it was fun, and College Park has always had such an energy surrounding Halloween. It also allowed us to introduce local businesses (those who did the trunks) with the community (those who came to get treats). When we choose activities to do we want them to be fun, involve dads, and positively impact the community.