As consumers, we trust manufacturers and federal government oversight to keep unsafe products off the shelves, but that doesn’t always happen. Every year in Orlando, toy liability cases crop up and many of them stem from products that parents were unaware could be dangerous to their children. So, if such toys are on the shelves, what can consumers do to avoid buying dangerous Christmas toys this year?

Don’t Assume Dangerous Toys Are Reported

In one landmark case, Aqua-Leisure Industries, Inc. was hit with a civil penalty of $650,000 for failing to report defects involving a line of inflatable baby boats. Under federal law, companies are required to report defects within 24 hours of becoming aware of them to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Aqua-Leisure knowingly failed to report a defect wherein the leg strap in the seat of the inflatable baby boats could tear, causing children to fall into the water unexpectedly.

Between 2001 and 2008, Aqua-Leisure had received several reports of incidents involving more than one line of inflatable baby boats. This was even after a recall of 90,000 boats in 2001. It took until 2009 for Aqua-Leisure to report the incidents to the CSPC. This led to a recall of 4 million inflatable baby boats that had been sold between 2002 and 2009.

The takeaway message here is that parents should not assume that just because a toy is on the market, means it is 100% safe.

What Can Parents Do?

Social media and the internet are great research tools, especially when there isn’t an official toy liability case or product recall to research. If you want to check up on the safety of certain toys, do a Google search on the toy. Add in keywords like “defects”, “problems”, or “dangers” and you are certain to pull up blogs, articles, or chat rooms that detail the problems certain people have had with a toy. Visit the CPSC website to check specific toys; you can even sign up for product safety notification emails from the CPSC.

Consulting An Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer May Be The Next Step

Finally, if you do find information that suggests a toy is dangerous or if you have experienced a dangerous situation first-hand, contact an Orlando personal injury lawyer at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP for a free case assessment. We can research the situation and help you bring an Orlando dangerous toy lawsuit forward if the situation calls for it.

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