What Kinds Of Cases Do We Handle?

Have you ever wondered exactly what personal injury attorneys do? These are the kinds of cases we work on, with examples from our case files.

Personal injury law encompasses many types of cases, supporting victims who suffer long-term, life-changing impact as a result of their injuries.

Cases We Handle

Car Crashes

When our client, a young engineer, was hit in a head-on collision by a drunk driver going the wrong way on I-4, he sustained multiple serious injuries. We settled the case for the full policy and uninsured motorist limits.

Tractor-Trailer Crashes

A tractor trailer collided with our client’s vehicle and totaled it. Because of the accident, our client suffered from severe disk ruptures, and had to get a 4-level fusion of the neck.

Insurance Bad Faith

When a Hummer collided head-on with an 18-year- old student who was killed as a result of the crash, the Hummer’s insurer refused to pay on the policy. The student’s family hired us and we recovered 10 times the actual policy limit.

Doctor Malpractice

A doctor ordered a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test for his patient, but instead of reviewing the results, he simply placed it in our client’s chart. The patient’s family retained DWKMRS when he developed metastatic prostate cancer and died.

Insurance Coverage

Our client had a clean bill of health, but when he became critically ill, his insurance carrier denied his claims, stating that he had misrepresented his medical history. However, our client had never lied about his medical history, which was part of the basis of our case.

Hospital Malpractice

When a hospital nurse failed to carry out a doctor’s order to do an MRI of our client’s back, an epidural abscess diagnosis came too late, resulting in irreversible paralysis for this bookkeeper. We were able to obtain a multi-million dollar settlement for our client.

Motorcycle Crashes

Our clients were riding their motorcycle when a volunteer fire truck pulled out front of them. The accident caused major injuries, leading to 17 surgeries for one client and loss of a limb for the other. We took action against the insurers of both vehicles winning substantial awards for our clients, enough to take care of both of them for the rest of their lives.

Negligent Security

When an enclosed community’s HOA increased its fees for the express purpose of improving security in their high-crime area, they instead used the funds for landscaping. Later, a woman living in the community was raped by an intruder. The case settled in favor of our client.

Premises Liability
Workers cut down a sign in a Disney parking lot, leaving a stump behind. A woman walking in the lot tripped over the stump and fell. Her rotator cuff was torn, requiring surgery, and she still has limited use of her arm. We are currently pursuing this case for our client.
Theme Park Accidents

When a simulator ride malfunctioned at Sea World, it resulted in a brain bleed (subarachnoid hemorrhage) for our 43-year- old client. We are currently pursuing this case for our client.

The firm handles a broad range of cases involving serious injury or death.

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