In some cases of eye injury, only basic at home eye care is necessary. However, if eye injuries occur in a severe way, then professional medical treatment is necessary to heal. The various types of eye injuries that can occur determine the type of ocular treatment that is necessary. Here are some of the common eye injuries and the usual eye first aid that can be provided.

Eye Impact Injuries

Eye first aid is commonly necessary when a person is involved with high risk activities, such as sports. Some of the highest risk sports for eye injuries are boxing, wrestling, and martial arts. There is also a large risk associated with other physical activities, such as baseball, football, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis. People involved with these kinds of sports activities are more likely to be hit in the eyes. If an injury occurs, immediate first aid for eye injury must be provided.

Direct impact eye injuries of the eye can damage skin and other tissues near the area. Often times, the ocular injuries will cause bruising. This type of eye injury is known as a “black eye.” Sometimes the eyelids may become cut or swollen as well. The eye tissues are very sensitive, so ocular injuries that occur directly on the eyeball require specialized medical care.

Eye Injuries from Foreign Objects

Sometimes the eye is injured from dirt, an eyelash, contacts lenses, or makeup. Foreign objects can scratch the surface of the eye, known as the cornea. Pain will be persistent if the eye is scratched or if the object remains in the eye. As long as the foreign object is flushed out, most scratches of the cornea are minor and will heal in one or two days.

Burn Injuries of the Eye

Burns to eye can be caused by chemicals, fumes, or heat. Sunlight and tanning lamps may also cause damage through light. Women commonly injure their eyes using hair products, while men are more prone to eye injuries from welding heavy equipment. Sudden bursts of flame and flash fires from stoves or explosives can cause burns to the face and eyes.

Eye Injury First Aid

Many eye impact injures are simple and can quickly be treated with an ice pack. Chemical burns on the eye are more serious, and the chemical must be washed away as soon as possible. Acids and alkaline substances can cause permanent eye damage.

Eye Injury Prevention

Many eye problems can be avoided by wearing safety goggles, glasses, or some type of face shield. A person should always wear prescribed glasses or contacts to accurately focus on what he or she is doing. If a person develops changes in their vision it is necessary to seek professional treatment.

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