An Effective Florida Back Injury Attorney Can Identify Surprisingly Simple Roads to Recovery

An Effective Florida Back Injury Attorney. Can Identify Surprisingly Simple Roads to Recovery

A skilled Florida back injury attorney can isolate who might be responsible for your pain and costs and help you obtain a recovery and rebuild your life.

Whether you had several vertebrae shattered in a horrendous motorcycle/car crash on I-95 South; or you slowly but chronically developed disc disease while working a repetitive job in Orlando, a Florida back injury attorney with the firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can help you understand the nature of your rights and introduce you to some surprising strategic ideas to recover faster, deal with your sense of overwhelm and confusion, and manage any future crises that arise during your course of treatment.

Back Injuries – Manifold Causes

Common causes of back injuries include: motor vehicle accidents, violent attacks, sport injuries, medical/surgical errors, diseases and infections, chronic stresses on the musculoskeletal system, slip and falls, injuries caused by defective products (e.g. seat belts and airbags).

Often, a constellation of problems conspires to cause or worsen back injuries. For instance, you might have suffered deteriorating spinal health due to years of working a repetitive job and engaging in a bad posture and work/rest habits. But then your back got “pushed over the edge” when you suffered trauma in a car accident. Had your spine and back been healthy, the accident might have given you a minor case of whiplash and no more. But because you had already been predisposed to injury, the accident wreaked havoc on your body.

Experienced Florida Attorneys for Back Injury Victims

Your Florida back injury attorney at DWKMR&S will be charged with identifying precisely how your back injury came to be. The probe will look not only at the incipient event – the trauma that “pushed you over the edge” and landed you in a hospital or on a surgical table – but also at other factors in your life that may have predisposed you to injury, such as your work habits, chronic conditions, and even medications you might have been taking.

Our law firm has worked specifically and solely on behalf of Florida personal injury victims for over two decades. We have helped victims obtain recoveries in extremely complicated and seemingly intractable injury cases. Our attorneys have built a reputation for skill, ethical performance, creative courtroom performances, and compassionate client care. We understand that victims often go through a wide array of emotions as they consider potentially taking legal action against a liable party – and that the process of trying to obtain a recovery and holding other people or institutions to justice can be traumatic in its own right.

Working with a Florida Back Injury Attorney

Our attorneys will respond to your questions, keep you informed through the progress of your case, and fight vigorously on your behalf. We accept clients on contingency fee arrangement. This means that, until we obtain a settlement for you or win a verdict, you will not pay for our services. Thus, you can rest assured that we will fight as hard as possible on your behalf.

Connect with us today for a consultation with a reputable, experienced Florida back injury attorney, or call us at 888-726-6735. As our client, you will pay no fees or costs unless and until we win for you. Take the next step towards understanding your rights, fighting for recovery, and putting your trauma behind you.

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