Choosing the Right Orlando Defective Product Lawyer

Choosing the Right Orlando Defective Product Lawyer

In your search for an Orlando defective product lawyer, you likely have invested many hours researching on Google, reading a slate of legal websites, and trying to pick the most professional, results oriented firm based on your scattered research. Whether your child choked on a poorly designed toy; you suffered massive whiplash when a ATV vehicle malfunctioned due to a missing part; or you got burned when a cooking appliance blew up and caught fire – you have dozens of questions about what steps to take, whom you might be able to hold responsible, and what damages you might ultimately be able to collect.

Highly recognized in the area of product liability law in Orlando, a defective product lawyer at our firm can offer you important advice.

Each defective product case is different. Injury cases are almost never as simple as plaintiffs or prospective plaintiffs would like them to be. For instance, here is a brief but by no means exhaustive list of factors that must be considered to evaluate your case:

  • Has anyone else ever experienced a similar injury with that same product?
  • Do you have evidence (such as a photograph or witness statements) that can confirm your version of events?
  • Did you abuse the product in any way; if so, in what way did you abuse the product? (Just because you did, by the way, does not mean that your case will be ruined)
  • What actions have you taken thus far, if any, to seek legal redress?
  • How serious were your injuries?
  • What was the quality of medical care?

Working with Your Orlando Defective Product Lawyer to Get Results

Florida injury clients often experience passionate and mixed emotions before, during, and after their case. While the team here at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can provide you resources, strategic guidance, and answer any questions you have about your case as they crop up, be aware that you likely will have to wrestle through some of these emotional obstacles on your own. The process of pursuing a claim is neither easy, nor simple. But our Orlando defective product lawyers have systems and processes in place to make it as easy and simple as it can be. For over two decades, we have honed and crafted these strategic processes to help victims maximize their recoveries and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Unlike other defective product and injury lawyers, who, believe it or not, try to take on as many clients as possible and churn through cases to extract the most money, we at DWKMR&S value the relationships we develop with our clients. Our raison d’etre is singular: we exist to serve seriously injured victims with the best resources, tools, and systems we can develop.

Although we cannot guarantee you results, we can provide a free, confidential consultation: Contact an Orlando defective product lawyer at our firm here or call 888-726-6735 now. We take cases on contingency, which means you pay no fees or no costs unless we win for you.

We also invite you to learn more about our practice in Florida Product Liability as well as explore the many free resources we have online.

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