Is It Time to Call a Dental Malpractice Attorney Yet?

Is It Time to Call a Dental Malpractice Attorney Yet?

An experienced dental malpractice attorney will probe the cause of your dental pain and help you obtain a strategic recovery. Perhaps you experienced horrific pain due to an abscess caused by an infection you contracted after a dental surgery. Or maybe your periodontist’s failure to identify a rare but serious gum disease led you to incur thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.

In any case, a dental malpractice attorney with the Florida injury attorneys of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can identify potentially liable parties, structure a strategic plan to help you seek a recovery for medical, surgical and dental bills that have piled up, and hold wrongdoers to account under Florida law.

The agony of dental suffering can be fierce. We trust our oral health professionals – orthodontists, dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, et cetera – to make smart, informed choices about our welfare and to take necessary steps to prevent injury from dental traumas. Even if these professionals cannot help us, we at the very least expect them to avoid making our situations worse.

Talk to a dental malpractice attorney as soon as you realize you have an injury.

Unfortunately, when doctors, dentists, orthodontists and other medical professionals err, patients often do not realize the error at first. Or, if they do realize it, they do not appreciate how significant the problem is – how egregious, and how much the malpractice will ultimately cost them in terms of medical bills, pain, and long-term hassle.

Seeing Your Case through the Eyes of a Dental Malpractice Attorney

At DWKMR&S, we have built a reputation for deeply, creatively, and logically analyzing potential dental medical malpractice cases. We are very selective in terms of whom we represent. We represent very seriously injured victims, and we provide each client with massive amounts of resources, personal attention, and education. In this way, our clients not only are positioned to recover optimally, but they can rest assured that the wrongdoers who compromised their health and livelihood will be aggressively pursued and held to account.

How to Determine When a Dental Malpractice Attorney is Needed

When is it dental malpractice? When is it just “bad luck”? When is it a patient’s failure to administer proper home care?

Although the United States has a reputation as a “litigious society,” in fact, many injury victims feel shy, embarrassed, or otherwise hesitant about taking legal action, even if they strongly believe that a doctor, dentist, or other caregiver caused their suffering. In some cases, the data clearly show that malpractice was at play. For instance, if an oral surgeon left gauze behind in a wound or blatantly over-prescribed a medication in the wake of surgery that caused massive side effects, then your case may be relatively cut and dry.

On the other hand, the evidence for dental malpractice may be ambiguous. Perhaps you failed to follow a dentist’s directive and then developed gum bleeding as a result. On a subsequent visit to your dentist, he may have performed a procedure to correct the bleeding, and this procedure may have backfired due to carelessness. In this case, only a detailed investigation of what happened by a skilled dental malpractice attorney might reveal the truth. But injury victims might feel embarrassed, afraid, or simply overwhelmed by their medical and financial crises to get the help they need.

Making it Easy for You

Contact a Florida dental malpractice attorney with DWKMR&S today for a free and no pressure consultation. We want you to understand precisely what rights you have and what kind of strategy might be appropriate for your case. If you retain DWKMR&S for your case, we will keep you informed throughout, answer all questions you have when they come up, and fight vigorously and strategically to get results. You will not pay any costs or fees unless we win your case. Call us now at 888-726-6735, or get more useful information at

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