Isn’t Every Bicycle Accident Lawyer Basically The Same?

Isn’t Every Bicycle Accident Lawyer Basically The Same?

As Florida personal injury lawyers for over 20 years, we are often confronted with an almost philosophical question: why should I bother choosing a bicycle accident lawyer? Won’t my insurance company take care of things for me and advocate for me?

We would like to dispel three prevailing myths that can cause significant frustration among bicycle accident victims.

Myth #1: Your initial impression of the accident is pretty accurate. You merely need to “prove” your case.

Reality: Your initial impression of the accident may be skewed or, possibly, completely off base.

Motor vehicle and bicycle accidents are extremely complicated events… even in simple seeming cases. For instance, say someone doored you as you biked down a street in Central Florida. Perhaps an investigation reveals that the person who doored you was a minor who was served alcohol before the accident. In that situation, the adult or company that served the minor the alcohol might ultimately be indirectly responsible for your injuries and thus be liable.

Myth #2: Insurance companies are “on your side.”

Reality: Insurance companies are businesses.

These companies make money when they collect revenue through premiums and other sources and lose money when they pay claims. Thus, insurance companies – even your own – may be financially discouraged from providing you maximum recovery.

Myth #3: Your choice of Florida bicycle accident lawyer is irrelevant.

Reality: Your choice of Florida personal injury lawyer can make all the difference.

At DWKMR&S, we have the courtroom experience, pretrial research processes, in house resources, and track record for success to help bicycle victims hold out for bigger settlements and better trial verdicts. In other words, there is a difference between the services a firm like ours can provide and the services most other law firms offer. It is an enormous gulf.

A Bicycle Accident Lawyer Who Works Tirelessly for You

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