Talk to a Florida Dog Bite Attorney Who Will Make a Difference

Talk to a Florida Dog Bite Attorney Who Will Make a Difference

When a dog attack happens in Florida, a dog bite attorney can explain your rights and responsibilities as a victim. There are several legal grounds available to victims to recover damages.

Whether your young son suffered a damage to his hand when he attempted to pet a rowdy Doberman Pinscher wandering through your neighborhood; or you personally got attacked by a loose dog that a coworker brought into work, you need legal answers in clear, simple language. Dog bite victims not only face obvious physical damage from the attack, including broken bones, bleeding, bruising, infection, damage to internal organs, and so on – but they also face psychological trauma that can leave scars deeper than any left by a razor sharp incisor.

In particular, children who have been attacked by a dog or another animal may feel vulnerable, frustrated, confused, angry, and scared. This emotional stunting can have profound ramifications for growth, development, and social interaction, which in turn can boomerang to have long-term effects on the child’s personality development and ultimate success in life. So there is a lot at stake for victims and parents of victims.

Why to Consider DWKMR&S to be Your Florida Dog Bite Attorney

If you had the opportunity to fly in a single engine Cessna airplane, who would you like to pilot that craft: a novice pilot just out of flight school who has never flown a Cessna before; or an experienced pilot of 20 years who exclusively flies Cessnas and has flown in practically every weather condition imaginable? The choice is clear.

Although comparing personal injury law to flying small aircraft may be bit of a metaphorical stretch, there is much truth to the comparison. Florida dog bite law, in particular, is profoundly complicated. Even if the case appears relatively cut and dry – for instance, the owner of the dog admits total responsibility and wants only to do the right thing — a surprising array of complicating factors can show up, even in the middle of your case, to slow down your quest to collect compensation, or maybe stall it out entirely.

Moreover, dog bite victims are not always lucky enough to have such cooperative defendants. In some cases, dog bite owners may deny responsibility; their responsible insurance companies may act in bad faith or even counterattack you by accusing you of provoking the animal somehow.

For Answers and Action, Turn to a Leading Florida Dog Bite Attorney

To get a free consultation with a dog bite attorney at DWKMR&S, simply email us by filling out the simple form on our website, or call us at 888-726-6735. We take personal injury clients on a contingency representation basis, so you will not pay for legal services unless and until we succeed on your behalf and win a settlement or trial verdict for you.

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