The Devastation of Surgery Malpractice in Florida

The Devastation of Surgery Malpractice in Florida: Information for Victims and Family Members of Victims

Surgery malpractice exacts a terrible toll on thousands of Americans and Floridians each year. Victims and close relatives of victims often do not have the education, experience, or focus to protect their rights, hold negligent or careless caregivers liable, and collect a recovery to pay for additional surgeries, medical care, and, perhaps, burial and funeral costs.

The experienced surgery malpractice attorneys at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP have spent well over two decades fighting forcibly for the rights of victims harmed in complicated Florida injury cases. Many other law firms handle similar work. But few of these firms have the track record, single-minded devotion to client satisfaction, resources, and facility with relevant case law.

Truth be told, building a personal injury case around a surgical error, misdiagnosis, or failure to diagnose requires not only an in-depth understanding of applicable case law but also the wherewithal to understand precisely what went wrong with your surgery and how some other person’s wrongdoing (or a piece of malfunctioning equipment) contributed to your medical trauma, costs, and ongoing stresses.

Multi-faceted Nature of Surgery Malpractice

Plaintiffs often conceptualize surgery malpractice cases in overly simple terms. They think that it is relatively “obvious” what went wrong – the challenge, in their minds, is simply to prove their case and show that some wrongdoer actually did wrong.

In fact, medical malpractice cases – especially ones involving complicated surgery – are often pregnant with complications. These include both hidden obstacles and hidden opportunities to shortcut your goals. To illustrate just how twisted and nuanced surgery malpractice cases can be, here are two theoretical examples.

  1. An elderly woman goes into surgery after she develops a full body infection stemming from a pressure ulcer on her back.The surgeon removes an inflamed and engorged fibrous mass of tissue from the woman’s abdomen but fails to extract a piece of gauze when suturing the stitches closed. The gauze inside the women’s abdominal cavity causes further infection, leading to additional surgery, which ultimately leads to pneumonia and, finally, to her death. A simple reading of this case might indict the careless surgeon who left the gauze inside the woman. But a deeper investigation might show that the reason she had to go into surgery in the first place was that her nursing home caregivers had failed to turn her over in bed frequently enough.

    This nursing home negligence caused the bed sore, which led to her hospitalization. In this case, your Orlando medical malpractice lawyer could bring an action against both the nursing home and the careless surgeon.

  2. A woman gets LASIK eye surgery to correct long standing vision problems. But in the days and weeks following her treatment, her vision not only fails to improve but actually worsens, until she completely loses sight in her right eye.
  3. An investigation reveals that the surgeon’s laser was poorly calibrated for the type of surgery that was done. And a further examination of the equipment reveals that the laser manufacturer had included a design flaw, which occasionally caused the laser to deliver more power than it should have delivered. In this case, not only might the negligent eye surgeon be held liable for surgery malpractice, but the manufacturer of the problematic laser might also be required to pay money for the woman’s medical costs, surgeries, and lifelong costs associated with her loss of vision.

WResources to Move Your Case Forward

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