Hi.  I’m Sam King, a personal injury attorney in Orlando, Florida.  With so many families traveling to Orlando for spring break, this month’s blog will highlight some important fire safety tips that can keep you and your family safe while staying in a hotel or motel.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, an estimated 3,900 fires occur each year in hotels and motels.  Just last summer, here in Orlando, a three-alarm fire destroyed a 430 room hotel located about a mile from Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

Imagine if you or your family were staying at that hotel when the fire broke out.  Would you know what to do?   Unfortunately, most visitors are focused on other details and are unprepared for such an emergency.

Here are 3 tips that will prepare you and your family best handle with a fire emergency in your hotel or motel.

  •  Always pack a flashlight.  During a fire, power is often cut off leaving the hotel in complete darkness.
  •  Make sure you know how far the nearest fire exit is from your room.  It’s a good idea to actually count the number of doors between your room and the exit. This way you will be able navigate your way to the exit even if you can’t see.
  • If you can not escape because the fire is right outside your room door, keep your door closed and place wet towels at the base of the door.  Turn off all fans and stand near a window.  Use your flashlight to signal rescue workers that you are trapped.

Over the years, my firm has represented numerous visitors who have been injured while staying at a local hotel or motel.  It is my hope that these safety tips will help you and your loved ones from being injured in the first place.

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