Continuing our look at dangerous Christmas toys, we have to note Magnetix. Magnetix are magnet construction toys consisting of various shaped plastic building pieces and steel ball bearings. All pieces have tiny magnets embedded inside so the pieces can be connected with one another to form geometric shapes.

While the toys were hailed as a great learning vehicle, prompting kids to use their imagination and critical thinking skills to build 3D shapes, they were also extremely dangerous. From 2005-2007 over 1,500 incidents of magnets becoming loose and separated from the toys were reported. One child died after ingesting a magnet, another aspirated, and nearly 30 more suffered intestinal injuries.

The original line was recalled in 2006, but a new line was released, redesigned to be harder to swallow, and warnings have been added to the packaging. Despite these changes, we feel that Magnetix still pose a serious danger to children, keeping them atop our dangerous Christmas toys list.

How Dangerous Toys Lead To Orlando Toy Liability Cases  

How do dangerous toys end up on the market? Consumers trust manufacturers to have gone through and passed safety testing, and yet, accidents happen. Sometimes, the danger can be traced to user error, but just as frequently it is a design or manufacturing defect or oversight that leads to problems. When incidents arise, it opens the door to a product liability lawsuit.

Just like anywhere else, an Orlando dangerous toy lawsuit starts with an accident, usually involving a child. There is a sense of urgency and immediacy when a child is injured by a toy because the potential exists for so many other children to be injured as well. Product liability attorneys dig deep into regulations and requirements governing toy manufacturing to research the potential for a toy liability lawsuit. Every defect is different, just as every toy is different. This requires an Orlando personal injury lawyer to be an experienced researcher, familiar with product liability laws, and able to uncover design defects that could lead to accidents.

The ideal resolution involves not only compensation for the injured’s claims, but also some type of action by the manufacturer; either a recall or a fix or pulling the product off the shelves entirely.

Consult An Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer About Toy-Related Injuries

If your child has been injured by a toy and you’re wondering if you have an Orlando dangerous toy lawsuit on your hands, contact the personal injury attorneys at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP. We work with families all over Florida to pursue justice in complex product liability cases, including toys.