Poor road conditions are dangerous no matter what vehicle you’re driving. However, they can be fatal when you’re riding your motorcycle. One of the best things about a bike is the feeling of the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Be careful not to get too wrapped up in the fun and forget to pay attention to motorcycle dangers on the road. If this happens, motorcycle dangers as seemingly inconsequential as a leaf can send you down.

Motorcycle Dangers on the Road

Here is a list of the most common motorcycle dangers to watch out for:

  1. Changes in regular routes. Don’t assume that just because the road was clear and free of construction yesterday that it will be today. According to Progressive Insurance’s data, 55 percent of crashes occur within five miles of home. Don’t get lax about motorcycle dangers on the road just because you’re almost home.
  2. Unexpectedly slick surfaces and debris. Sand in a curve or some morning dew on road paint can take your feet or bike right out from underneath you. Other seemingly-harmless motorcycle dangers on the road include leaves, oil spots, gravel, and water drips at stop lights.
  3. Uneven road surfaces. Changes in road surfaces may seem like no big deal in a car. On a motorcycle, they can be much trickier. Motorcycle dangers on the road like grated bridges, striated pavement, railroad tracks and uneven lanes need to be carefully navigated.
  4. Puddles. The motorcycle dangers of a puddle are that riders don’t know how deep it is, what’s in it, or what’s underneath. Even if it’s only water, we’ve already discussed the motorcycle dangers of wet roads. What if the puddle is full of oil, or hiding a deep pothole? It’s best to avoid puddles entirely if possible.
  5. Curves. Curvy roads make riding your motorcycle fun, but they can quickly turn lethal. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly half of all fatal single-vehicle motorcycle crashes occur in turns. Look ahead to see curves coming and adjust your speed accordingly.
  6. Animals. Animals can be fatal motorcycle dangers on the road, for both the cyclist and the casualty. Keep your eyes peeled for critters crossing your path.


Staying Safe from Motorcycle Dangers

Riding a motorcycle is a multi-tasking experience with lots of moving parts. If you want to keep your bike pretty and your hide intact, stay on the lookout at all times for unexpected motorcycle dangers. Enjoy your ride today, but pay attention to motorcycle dangers so that you can enjoy your ride tomorrow, too!

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