February 1st through 7th, 2016, is National Burn Awareness Week.  Take some time this week as a family to learn how to care for a burn and more importantly how to prevent a burn from occurring in the first place. Our website contains several burn awareness resources that will educate you and your family.

Unfortunately, children are often the victims of a burn injury.  If you are a teacher or parent of a young child, we highly encourage you to visit our resource page and clink on the Shriner’s Burn Awareness link.  Here you can find activity booklets for children that help educate young ones on this important issue.  These activity books contain numerous safety tips and activities that you can do with children.

If your child likes to learn and play on the computer, introduce them to “Sparky the Dog” by clicking resources page.  Sparky the Dog a great interactive game that will educate your child on important fire safety procedures.

As personal injury attorneys here in Central Florida, we’ve represented several children and adults who have been badly burned.  It is our experience with these victims and families that compels us to share this information.  On behalf of our entire staff here at Dellecker Wilson King McKenn Ruffier & Sos, I want to thank you for visiting our site.  Stay Safe and thank you for celebrating Burn Awareness week.