Orlando based personal injury law firm, Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos, wishes to share some important beach safety tips:
Be Cautious of Florida’s Rip Currents: Although the ocean may seem calm, it is important for visitors and residents to be aware of the extremely strong and potentially dangerous rip currents which are indigenous to Florida’s Atlantic coast. A rip current will pull you away from the shoreline and out to sea. In order to release yourself from this current, you must swim parallel to the shore. By swimming parallel to the shore you will eventually swim out of the current. Once you are released from the rip current, you can proceed with swim to the shore. Swim Near a Lifeguard: A recent study found that the chance of at a beach without a lifeguard is almost five times greater. Lifeguard stations also post conditions and warnings such as the presence of strong rip currents or jellyfish. Use the Buddy System: Always use the buddy system when swimming in the ocean. At a minimum have a buddy onshore who is alert and able to assist you in an emergency. Please follow these three simple safety tips while enjoying Florida’s beautiful beaches. For more information, please watch our educational video. Orlando Florida Beach Safety You can find Samuel King on Google+.