Our Approach

We listen to our clients. We listen to what they want and what they need. Then we come together to form a strategy based on those wants and needs. We take care of you every step of the way and make the process as easy as possible, communicating with you the entire time so you can start to relax and put your life back together.


Florida Personal Injury Lawyers Who Actually Listen to Their Clients:

We Develop Strategies Around Your Needs

It is a real tragedy. Many, if not most, Florida personal injury lawyers fail to listen – really listen – to what their clients want and need. Instead, these firms view clients almost like widgets in an assembly line. The more cases they crank through, the more money their firms will earn. Client care is often sacrificed in this pursuit of profits. Injury cases may be settled too quickly and for not enough money. Wrongdoers may escape without paying the consequences. And clients themselves may walk away from the experience feeling even more vulnerable and frustrated than they did before they sought legal help.

The Difference That Attentive Florida Personal Injury Lawyers Can Make

Our approach here at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP for the past 21+ years has been to focus on our clients first and our bottom line second. Yes, we are a business. But we are a business that serves our clients – not the other way around. We deliberately limit how many new clients we represent, so that we can fully focus on whom we do represent and maximally leverage our resources and attention. We deliver results, helping our clients obtain recoveries to pay for things like lost time at work, five-and-six-figure medical and surgical bills, pain and suffering costs, long-term rehabilitation, and more.

Communication, Compassion, And Good Listening

Our clients often come to us in a state of disarray. A car accident, traumatic experience at a hospital, or a bitter fight with an ex business partner has left them feeling scared, unsure, mad, unfocused, and desperate. These emotionally, mentally, and physically compromised clients often make bad decisions (or fail to make good decisions), which only compound their legal woes.We at DWKMR&S will listen to what you need, shape a strategy around the principles that you reveal to us, and keep you informed every step of the way, so that you feel back in control, relaxed, and able to focus on the real and urgent issues in your life – such as getting your car fixed, helping an injured family member recover, or stitching up damaged business relationships. Call our Orlando injury attorneys for immediate action: 407-244-3000. We provide contingency representation, so you only pay costs or fees if and when we obtain a recovery for you.

Free Resources for All

We offer extensive Free Resources in the form of videos, audios, articles and more, so you can receive proper legal information right now. Learn more about the Florida personal injury lawyers at DWKMR&S.


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