Monday night, on June 29, 2013, the Blue Rhino propane gas plant in Central Florida suffered a massive explosion. This gas plant explosion injured eight people, and four people are still in critical condition at ORMC. Factory workers sustained third degree burns. The Blue Rhino plant explosion, which occurred in Tavares, FL, is believed to be the result of human error and factory equipment failure. Investigators have not yet released information regarding the potential link between the Blue Rhino plant's previous OSHA violations and Monday's gas plant explosion.

Plant Explosion at Blue Rhino

A massive factory explosion occurred Monday night at the Blue Rhino propane gas plant in Tavares, Florida. According to authorities, there were no fatalities. However, eight people were injured from the gas plant explosion. In addition, four people remain in critical condition after the plant explosion.

Third Degree Burns from Gas Plant Explosion

Injured factory workers from the Blue Rhino plant explosion sustained third degree burns. The ages of the factory workers who sustained third degree burns have not been released. Furthermore, information regarding the amount of third degree burns covering each injured factory worker has not been released.

Treating Third Degree Burns

The age of a person who sustains third degree burns is an important factor in the person’s ability to fully recover. The percentage of the injured person’s body that is covered in third degree burns is also an important factor affecting full recovery after a plant explosion. The factory workers injured by the Blue Rhino plant explosion are being treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC). The medical staff has stated that the first 24 hours after a plant explosion and third degree burns are critical in determining the gas plant workers’ chances of survival.

Fourth Plant Explosion with Workplace Injury

The Blue Rhino gas plant explosion is the fourth workplace explosion to occur within the past two months. Prior to the Blue Rhino propane gas explosion in Central Florida, one major explosion occurred at the West Fertilizer plant in Texas. Another two plant explosions occurred at chemical manufacturing facilities located in Louisiana. The two Louisiana chemical plant explosions occurred within miles of each other. In addition, the Louisiana chemical plan explosions happened less than 24 hours apart.

Causes of Blue Rhino Plant Explosion

The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are investigating the cause of the Blue Rhino plant explosion. Authorities suggest that human error and equipment failure are most likely the cause of the plant explosion. It is not currently known if the Blue Rhino plant explosion is related to the OSHA safety violations the gas plant received in 2011.

Plant Explosion Victims Legal Rights

After a workplace accident or workplace injury, it is important for victims and their families to arm themselves with knowledge. They have the legal right to consult their own personal injury attorney before speaking with their employer or its legal workplace representatives. You can find Samuel King on Google+.