Practice Areas

The Orlando personal injury lawyers at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos have demonstrated a high degree of skill and ethical service since 1989. Below, you can find a glossary of our primary practice areas. If you would like a free consultation with our Orlando personal injury lawyers, call or email us, and we will schedule a no obligation, no pressure, free consultation to discuss your pressing concerns.

Burn & Fire

Fire can be one of the most devastating disasters to both property and human life. If you or a loved one have been burned or lost property due to faulty electrical work, improper storage of combustibles, or any other negligent behavior, the experienced lawyers at DWKMR&S have the expertise to help you seek justice.

Business Torts

A broken contract or an unscrupulous partner can cost you and your business millions while also ruining your livelihood. Fight back by tapping into the trusted team at DWKMR&S. We have the capacity to handle even the most complex business tort cases.

Car Accidents

The state of Florida is known for its frequent traffic jams and aggressive drivers. Have you been involved in an automobile accident? Has your car been wrecked by the negligence of another? The lawyers at DWKMR&S in Orlando know how important your car is to your livelihood and they have what it takes to get you back on the road with money in your pocket.

Construction Negligence

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous. They are full of hazards and often difficult to navigate, even by professionals. If you experienced have experienced burns, inhalation injuries, slip-and-fall injuries, or any other acute or chronic damages, the Orlando personal injury lawyers of DWKMR&S can help.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetes is a notoriously difficult disease to manage and treat. If a physician’s carelessness, negligence, or poor dietary advice has caused your diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) or made it worse, you may have legal recourse options available.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs can be a great addition to the family. However, dogs that are improperly trained or contained pose a risk for society at large. It is imperative that people who abuse dogs by refusing to curb aggressive behavior or keep them safely away from the public be brought to justice. If you or a loved one have suffered a dog bite injury, the lawyers at DWKMR&S are an experienced team waiting to serve you.

ERCP Malpractice

While the gallbladder is an important organ, most people are able to function completely normally without it. Sometimes, more severe complications arise from the diagnostic process itself. If you or a loved one are suffering from complications that have arisen from an ERCP procedure, call DWKMR&S, a law firm specializing in ERCP malpractice law.

Hurricane Property Damage

Florida is by far the number one hurricane damage state. If you have suffered serious storm losses, our astute Orlando personal injury lawyers can provide you with the tools to move forward and rebuild.

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies are known to regularly mistreat claimants by failing to adhere to terms in contracts, unfairly attacking claimants’ credibility and integrity, or by simply refusing to pay monies owed. The DWKMR&S team has a proven record of compelling bad faith insurers to abide by their responsibilities and/or suffer serious punitive consequences.

Medical Malpractice

Misdiagnoses, inappropriate treatment, surgical errors, pharmaceutical errors, and other poor treatment are the cause of injuries and suffering for thousands of Floridians each year. Our Orlando personal injury lawyers will protect your rights and provide the help you need, regardless of the complexity of your case.

Misdiagnosed Abdominal

Delay and misdiagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is often fatal. Our Orlando personal injury lawyers offer expert counsel. Learn what to do if you or a family member suffered a misdiagnosed AAA.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are famously vulnerable on Florida roads. A deep, probing investigation of the facts of the accident by our Orlando personal injury lawyers can help you get compensated and obtain justice against careless or negligent motorists.

Nursing Home Abuse

Financial, physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse is a profound problem at many of Florida’s nursing homes. Get help for your loved ones, and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Pediatric Retinoblastoma

Approximately 3% or 4% of all childhood cancers are retinoblastomas. If an oncologist’s error or failure to diagnose has worsened your child’s prognosis, the Orlando personal injury lawyers of DWKMR&S can investigate and help you obtain compensation for care and treatment.

Premises Liability

Whether you slipped and fell outside a Florida restaurant on hidden storm debris or got bitten by a neighbor’s wild and out of control pit bull or Doberman pinscher, our Orlando personal injury lawyers can advocate aggressively for your rights.

Product Liability

Have you or someone you care about been hurt by a poorly labeled, badly designed or mis-engineered product? Designers and manufacturers must adhere to strict liability standards: DWKMR&S team can hold liable parties to those crucial standards.

Tourist Injuries

Tourists at Disney World, Universal, and other area theme parks can suffer injuries ranging from food poisoning to whiplash to serious slip and falls. The team at DWKMR&S is not afraid to take on any amusement park or institution, no matter how big or high profile a case.

Truck Accidents

Over 500,000 truck accidents occur in the US ever year, according to the USDOT. Negligent, over caffeinated drivers, trucking companies which fail to screen their drivers, and many other parties might be liable for your injuries and damages.

Unnecessary Surgery

The Hippocratic Oath has for centuries instructed physicians to “first, do no harm.” Unfortunately, many caregivers and surgeons forget this primary directive, and the consequences can be serious, chronic, and even fatal.

Water Injuries

Water is a huge part of daily life in Florida, especially in the summer time. Swimming, boating, and water parks are all a great way to beat the heat. These activities are not without an element of danger, however, and if you’ve been involved in an accident, it is imperative to seek counsel that specializes in Water Injuries. DWKMR&S has a dedicated water injury team to represent you.

Wrongful death

If you lost a loved one due to a motor vehicle accident, poor medical care, or any other reason, the DWKMR&S team will hold wrongdoers accountable and help you obtain a recovery to help you support your family.

The Orlando personal injury lawyers at DWKMR&S excel in representing complex injury claims before the court. We have won significant personal injury verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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