Orlando is known as a hot spot for family-friendly vacations.  You maybe surprised however, to learn that during the months of March and April, Orlando also ranks number one as the most dangerous spring break destination. Hard to believe yes, but according to 2011 study conducted by AVVO the rates of injury and violence exceed normal limits within the city boundaries.

Unfortunately criminals are more likely to take advantage of visitors to Orlando during the busy spring break season when security at events and entertainment venues is overwhelmed.  A memorable vacation can take an unfortunate turn if people are not vigilant or cautious of their surroundings.  Additionally, many slip and fall accidents occur as visitors navigate through resort complexes, theme parks and other unfamiliar places.  To better protect your family and friends here are several safety tips:

  1. If staying in a hotel make sure you are exiting and entering via well-lit areas, and whenever possible always have a companion with you.
  2. Keep doors locked with the security chain fastened at all times.
  3. Don’t multi-task.  If you need to take a call or take a photo, stop and focus.  Criminals like to take advantage of the busy visitor who has an open bag displaying their personal belongings and is who is distracted.
  4. Be aware that Florida’s humid weather often leaves a slippery dew on sidewalks, concrete surfaces and pool decks.
  5. When at a location where drinks are being served check the area for people that have been over served.  If you notice aggressive behavior from another patron, it is best to remove yourself from the area.
  6. If you need assistance such as directions, always enter an establishment such as a gas station and obtain assistance from an employee.  Never accept a ride or approach a car willing to offer you help.

By taking some simple precautions you and your family can enjoy Orlando and all it has to offer.  If you have any questions or experience an accident while visiting Orlando, please contact our firm at 407-244-3000.