Why Us

In short, we sincerely care about helping you and your family. That’s why we invest our resources behind you and your case instead of advertising & billboards. We’ve consistently earned the highest ratings a law firm can have. And that’s because we make sure you get the expertise of our entire firm instead of a single lawyer (something most firms don’t do). In fact, we’re the firm that other lawyers trust. See for yourself.


1|We Invest In Your Case

We spend money investigating, developing, and presenting your case. Why is this important to you? While other law firms spend millions of dollars on television commercials or highway billboards to attract new customers, we do not. This means we can direct all of our financial resources to help those who have been injured. In other words, we invest in your case, instead of advertising. That is why former clients, local attorneys and people in the community who know us, bring us the vast majority of our new cases. We are proud that our professional and financial commitment results in life-changing verdicts and settlements.

2|Our Reputation Is Earned

Since 1989 our firm has earned an outstanding reputation through hard work, proven results, and always looking out for our clients’ best interests. Our firm and attorneys have consistently earned the highest rating (AV) from Martindale Hubbell®. Martindale is the long established “go to” reference for objectively informing lawyers and clients throughout the United States of a firm’s quality of client service, ethics, and expertise in the law. We encourage you to take the time to review each lawyer’s individual accomplishments on our website. These are distinctions you can not buy; they have to be earned.

3|We Work As A Team

The attorneys of DWKMR&S work as a team. Each week, they meet and discuss the details of the firm’s cases so that each client receives the collective expertise and experience of our entire legal team. And please remember that you, the client, are an important part of the team. You will always be informed about the status of your case and will be in regular communication with us. Our client-focused culture and our team approach ensures that you have the best chance for success.

4|Other Lawyers Come To Us

The legal community knows our firm has the expertise and experience to take on the largest insurance companies and most powerful corporations. We are known for our in-depth investigation, exhaustive research and unparalleled commitment to our work. That is why other lawyers choose our firm to represent them and their clients.

5|Integrity Matters

We take great pride in the fact that we focus all of our efforts and leverage all of our resources working for the people who need our help the most: those who have been seriously injured and require expert legal representation. When we represent you, we will be 100% financially and emotionally invested in your case.


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