Round Table Tuesdays: The DWKMRS Community Approach

Round Table Tuesdays, all attorneys

When DWKMRS takes a case, one of the nine attorneys at our firm becomes our client’s primary advocate. Because we are a collaborative workplace, all nine attorneys meet every Tuesday morning to discuss all of our active cases.

To understand how we collaborate, join us for a behind-the-scenes look at our Tuesday Round Table meetings. At 7:30 a.m., all the firm’s attorneys gather behind closed doors to discuss our cases.

As the lead attorney on a case presents its current status, each lawyer seated at our table can contribute ideas and strategy suggestions to move the case forward. This means that each case benefits from the collective knowledge of our entire team.

Round Table close up

“We take the experiences of all the attorneys here and we draw upon them. Somebody may have a relationship with a witness or an expert that helps us in the case,” says founder and partner Robert Dellecker. “So, we’re very collaborative. The lawyer handles the case, but we share information…..and we bring the resources of the entire firm to every case.”

“In a courtroom, you have to know you did everything you humanly could to protect that family,” says Dellecker. “That’s why our preparation before trial includes conversations among our attorneys, so we know we’ve covered every angle, every possibility.”

Round table attorneys 25 year anniversary

This collaborative environment is just one of the qualities that distinguishes DWKMRS from other Central Florida law firms. We believe in communication and connection, and our Tuesday Round Tables put this into action by ensuring that each case receives attention and support from the entire team.

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Your Future is Our Future

To look forward, we must first look back. For the past 25 years, our work has been focused on our clients, helping to get their lives back together after a crisis has occurred, like an accident, an injury, a medical practitioner’s error. These events have a profound impact on our clients’ lives, and we take that seriously. Our job as plaintiff’s attorneys is to treat each case with dignity. Our goal is to put clients in the best position possible so their future has a solid foundation.

The way we see it, if our clients don’t have a solid foundation for the future, neither do we.

After all these years, we still don’t invest in billboards and ads designed to persuade the injured during their most vulnerable moments. Instead, we concentrate our efforts and resources on cases. We welcome new clients that find us through relationships, referrals and research, and deliver the best quality work to make each case a success.

As we’ve grown, and new partners have joined our firm, our values haven’t changed.

Thank you, Orlando, for trusting us to serve you for 25 years. As we contemplate the next 25, we’re committed to operating by the Golden Rule. We’ll treat every case as if it’s our own.